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What truly sets Alpha Natural Resources apart from virtually all other energy companies is our commitment to create an enhanced learning organization for our people. We do this by providing employees with robust and ongoing talent development opportunities.


Alpha offers several programs that align internal education with improvements in business aptitude.


Alpha University. “Alpha U” is the heart of talent development at our company.  It was created to enhance the skills, knowledge and competencies of employees so that they may live Alpha’s Running Right philosophy.  Taught by a faculty comprising both internal instructors and outside facilitators such as Dale Carnegie, Vital Smarts and the American Management Association, Alpha University courses provide theoretical and practical experiences with a heavy emphasis on “learning by doing.”  The number of course offerings doubled to 60 classes in 2011. Employees can research any of these classes through the company intranet and enrol on-line. From office staff to mine management, there is something for everyone at Alpha University.



Emerging Leaders.  In 2010, Alpha teamed with the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business and UVA – Wise to provide an intensive development program for up-and-coming leaders. This is a world-class educational opportunity for employees, combining in-class instruction with formal mentoring and individual development plans. The goal is to enhance skills, increase promotion opportunities and provide professional satisfaction.


Executive Readiness.  Also in 2010, Alpha introduced its Executive Readiness Program to support succession planning across multiple business functions through robust coursework and education along with formal mentoring and individual development plans. The program is an exclusive course cooperatively developed by Darden and Alpha representatives and is held on the UVA campus.


Action Learning Program.  Alpha is preparing to launch a new Action Learning Program.  This program will be geared to less experienced employees that show high potential and promise. This is a unique educational opportunity that combines both operational and administrative rotations with formal classroom training. Like the Emerging Leaders program, the goal is to enhance skills, increase promotion opportunities and provide professional satisfaction.


Through its Talent Development offerings, Alpha Natural Resources is looking to the future.  Looking to attract, retain, and engage a diverse pool of professionals like you who can fulfil the opportunities of tomorrow and keep the organization Running Right.


If professional development and career growth are important to you, choose Alpha Natural Resources. Come, join our team.