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Thank you for your interest in Alpha Natural Resources’ Community Involvement Program. Alpha is currently restructuring under Chapter 11 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code and, as a result, our grant program has been suspended. We anticipate this suspension to remain in place through the 2016 calendar year, but we will continue to evaluate as appropriate.

Alpha values the opportunity to invest in the communities where its affiliated workforce lives and works and hopes to resume accepting grant applications in the future. Again, thank you for your interest in our program. Should you require any further information, please contact us at

Supporting our communities and working to improve the lives of those around us has been part of our culture from Day One. In order to make the most impact, we give priority emphasis to Education, Arts and Culture, Social Development and Human Services. Through volunteer efforts, funding and support, we give of our time and resources to give back to the communities where our businesses are located.  


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Through investments in education, arts and culture,

social development and human services,

Alpha strives to create opportunities and enhance

the quality of life for our neighbors in communities

where our businesses operate.


Priority emphasis is placed on education, arts and culture, social development and human services. A conscious effort is made to determine community needs and employee interests.


Our employees volunteer with many nonprofit agencies. The time they give to the community--whether serving on boards of non-profits, training nonprofit leaders or coaching little league athletics--exemplifies Alpha's philosophy of Running Right where our employees live. Volunteerism is encouraged throughout the company, and we consider it an honor to serve these many worthy causes.


Alpha's Community Involvement Program budget is prepared annually with the consideration given to market conditions and the strength and mission of the organizations to be supported. An employee-led Community Involvement Committee reviews requests submitted through our on-line grant request application (click on "Grant Request" to fill out the form).


Procedure for your organization to be considered for a grant from Alpha's Community Involvement Program:

  1. All requests for financial support must be made through our website (click on Grant Request). The application must be completely in its entirety. Requests made by phone or mail will not be considered. 
  2. All requests must provide a service to the community or add value to the quality of life in a geographic area where an Alpha subsidiary operates.
  3. Requests are considered from organizations that are qualified, per IRS guidelines, as 501(c)3 or not-for-profit. We do not give to individuals.
  4. Requests are to be presented for review and consideration at least 90 days in advance of expected award date.
  5. If a donation is made, the recipient must complete a form upon receipt of the check, affirming, per IRS guidelines, that no goods or services were received by Alpha or any of its subsidiaries in conjunction with the payment.