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Education provides the basis for us to learn and grow.  We believe in fostering that education for those in and around our community. Alpha is proud to support colleges and universities in our community, which are a valuable part of enabling students with the skills they need to become the next generation of leaders. 



Mountain Empire Community College

As state and federal budgets become tighter, Mountain Empire Community College (MECC) is increasingly reliant on private resources to fund student scholarships and maintain its margin of excellence.


Each year, due to lagging state support, MECC must pass along tuition and fee increases to students.  With MECC’s study body having the greatest financial need of any public college in the state, were it not for scholarships and work study assistance, many students could not afford to attend MECC.  Alpha Natural Resources is one Mountain Empire Community College’s most generous corporate supporters of scholarships.  Its gifts enable many students to meet their educational expenses each year.


Alpha Natural Resources’ “running right” motto not only applies to its production activities, but also its relationship with its community.  It gifts strengthen MECC, and its employee’s service on boards and advisory committees to ensure that MECC’s programs are focused on local business needs. 


MECC is grateful to Alpha Natural Resource’s commitment to higher education and for the growth and long-term development of southwest Virginia.  



West Virginia University

The Department of Mining Engineering at West Virginia University has been very grateful for the financial support provided to its scholarship program by Alpha Natural Resources. Alpha established its Mining Engineering Scholarship in December, 2005. At that time, $15,000 was contributed to the scholarship program, while another $5000 was contributed to Departmental operations. Since that time, $20,000 per year has been contributed to the Mining Engineering Scholarship program. A result of the contributions has been the awarding of a scholarship to 13 undergraduates in 2007-08, and 6 students this academic year.


The flexibility provided to the Department by contributions of this nature enable us to support a significant number of students. This is even more important at a time when our endowed scholarships were affected by the Stock Market downturn of late 2008. At the same time, every effort is made to award scholarships to worthy students who will intern with Alpha Natural Resources during the Summer. As a result, this financial support enables WVU to continue to recruit high-quality students and, at the same time, makes it possible for our corporate sponsors to meet the next generation of our industry leaders. 


Dr. Christopher J. Bise

Charles T. Holland Distinguished Professor and Chairman

Department of Mining Engineering

West Virginia University



Southwest Virginia Community College

Southwest Virginia Community College is pleased to be in partnership with Alpha Natural Resources in reaching our educational goals. ANR has been a generous friend to SWCC by providing valuable and critical scholarship support for our students. The company annually provides funds for five scholarships for students in addition to a gift  to build endowment for scholarships for the future.


Their philanthropy doesn’t end there. Each year, Alpha Natural resources is also a  sponsor of the annual SWCC Scholarship Golf Classic, which generates over $25,000 for student scholarships. Realizing the importance of a broad based education, ANR also is a generous sponsor of the annual spring Festival of the Arts sponsored by SWCC. Over a ten day period, cultural programming is presented throughout the SWCC service region for the benefit of students, faculty, staff and the community.


The diversity of the generosity of Alpha Natural Resources makes the company a role model for other companies. The leadership and management of ALN care enough about their communities to give their resources to make our communities a better place to live and work as well as to pursue an education. We are sincerely appreciative of the support provided by Alpha Natural Resources.



University of Virginia at Wise

The University of Virginia’s College at Wise is grateful for the generous support Alpha Natural Resources has provided on behalf of our students.  Student scholarships, intercollegiate athletic programs, student life programs, and Alumni Association activities have all been enhanced by gifts from Alpha. 


The private support that Alpha Natural Resources provides assists in keeping students’ costs low and ensures resources and experiences that truly do make a difference.  Alpha’s investment in the education of deserving students at UVA-Wise will pay extraordinary dividends and enhance our community, our region, and beyond for a lifetime.



University of Kentucky

The donation Alpha Natural Resources makes to the Mining Engineering Department at UK is extremely important to us in our efforts to attract students to study Mining Engineering.  Our enrollment has been increasing each year, so the scholarship needs are also growing.  In the Spring of 2005, we had 58 undergraduate students.  That number has grown to 109 for the Spring 2009 semester.  The funding we receive from the Commonwealth of Kentucky is not enough to cover the growing number of students, so we depend on private sources for additional funds to support the scholarship program.  We are very grateful for Alpha’s continued support.  Without your generosity and that of other companies, we would have to reduce the amount of the scholarship offers and would lose quite a few bright students in the process.


Last summer Alpha Natural Resources made a very substantial contribution of $25,000.00.  $18,750.00 of those funds was earmarked for scholarships.  Nine students were provided with scholarships.  $6,250, was used to support student activities such as travel expenses for SME Student Chapter officers to attend the SME Annual Meeting in Denver. 


Thank you very much for all that you and your company does to help the University of Kentucky educate future mining engineers.  It truly is a partnership between the mining industry and the universities so that together we can help to “keep the lights on”.


Kathy Kotora

Business Manager

UK Dept. of Mining Engineering



Virginia Tech

Since the 2005-06 academic year, Alpha Natural Resources has been a key supporter of the undergraduate scholarship program in the Department of Mining and Minerals Engineering at Virginia Tech.  Over this four-year period, Alpha has funded over 40 scholarships.  Of the Alpha scholarship recipients who have graduated, roughly half have gone on to careers in the coal industry while the other half have accepted employment in other sectors of the mining industry.  Over this same period of time, Alpha has been the leading provider of coal-related summer internships to mining engineering students at Virginia Tech, providing summer work experience to over 25 students. 



Emory & Henry College 

Emory & Henry College and Alpha Natural Resources share a strong devotion to the communities and people of Southwest Virginia. Because of this shared commitment, Emory & Henry takes great pride in working with Alpha Natural Resources to support higher education in this region. According to E&H President Rosalind Reichard, "We are blessed to have in our midst a company that recognizes that it is through the enhancement of higher education in this region that we provide the best leaders, those who are committed to this place and to the prosperity of our businesses, industries and communities."


The Alpha Natural Resources Scholarship and Student Travel Partnership with Emory & Henry was established in 2011. Through this arrangement, Alpha Natural Resources provides annual scholarships to needy and worthy students majoring in business administration (including management, accounting and international business), economics and mass communications. In addition, the partnership provides financial support for students traveling to national competitions in those fields of study.


Through this support of higher education, Alpha Natural Resources invests in the future of the region where Alpha and its subsidiaries operate. Through its support of Emory & Henry, Alpha has found a partner in fulfilling its mission of service, one dedicated to addressing the core needs of people throughout Southwest Virginia.